Dental Assistants


Woman smiling in front of framed diplomas"Having previously worked in a dental lab, I find the dental office more rewarding and enjoyable because of all the people I meet. Because I do different jobs in the office, I can really get to know our patients and serve them individually."  - Sherri, Team Membership since 1998








A smiling woman in Cornwall, NY"I worked at a banking institution and then an accounting firm for many years because I like working with numbers and being around people. I didn't get to interact with clients at all. I sat in front of a computer screen. I decided I needed a change. I went back to school and I became a Dental Assistant. Working at Creating Dental Excellence has made me very happy.  I am constantly learning about professional dentistry and meeting amazing people of all ages. The best part is I get to share my dental experience with patients and we compare notes. It’s very rewarding to gain a patient’s trust, better yet is seeing them smile. Being a dental assistant makes me want to smile, too." - Monica, Team Membership since 2014







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